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Saturday, June 06, 2009

my sweeties???

children nowadays are cleverer than us. so many ideas they have..

9 years ago, when I got my new, cute niece & nephew, my mother once told me "treat them like your own child" "but mommy, it's sound funny for me as i'm just 12"i cried. But now I realize that i'm a mother of 8 children. it's not sound funny anymore because I'm treating them as they are my children.

You know what.. they are cute + beautiful + smart+ naughty + banyak songeh and so many more but whatever they try to act, they still look very cute.
Afrina the eldest one.. when meet other people, she'll well behave and everyone who meet her will say "how polite this little girl is" or "she look like perempuan melayu terakhir".. Oh god.. I don't think so. haha.. how bad i am to disagree with that statements. anyway, i used to bring her out with me and this little girl really like to make me spend my money for her until my pocket money become 0.. yup.. zero.. (the sentence make my dizzy and realize now that my english is really bad.. haha..)

Muhaimin my 2nd child is really passive. He is 9. a very dependent boy. whatever he doing, he'll start with "mak su, how to do this?" or "mak su, is this really like this?"or "mak su, how?" or (the critical one) "mak su, help me!!" oh dear.. please be calm. you must try to be independent. it is very nice to be independent person.

Last raya (during my semester break), my mother organized open house. my brother in law worked on that day so, i went to my sis house to fetch the children. of course, they were very happy when we arived at my dad home. they ran here and there and absolutely my mommy became headache.. haha.. my daddy? can't say anything.
Ariq Mukhri came to me. he exhausted. "Acu, yiq nak uwe" he said something to me that i hardly couldn't understand it. "Apa? mak su tak faham la" seriously, i don't know what he want. "Nak uwe.." he said the word again. "Uwe? what is it?" i asked my mommy and daddy, and ofcourse, they too didn't understand. "oohh.. ariq nak kuih?" "Nak uwe!!!!!" he shouted at my ear! Luckily my sis came.. "he said he want uwe and get angry when we couldn't understand it," i gave my report to my sis. my sis laughed. yeah, very sweet laugh. "dia tak nak kuih la dik. dia nak air," my sis explained. "air (drink)? uwe?" "air (drink) and uwe" I got serious headache on that day. Ngeeee...


awatif said...

ye.. mmg ada grammatical error la.. haha..

zaira fitrah said...

haha.. mmg pn.. tp bt2 xtau jela.. ni bru english blum lg bm.. err.. tmbah2 dgn otak yg xbrape btul d kala ini.. emm.. jnji rock! awa bucuk.. layannn je arr....