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Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Hate 'that person'!

25 JUN 09

i don't know what the suitable title for this entry. what i'm trying to focus rite now is all bout what i feel. just go straight to the point. i don't know which part i should start. really, i really mad with someone. i feel sad, disappointing and for sure that i'm having a bad mood for a day.

I just can't believe my mood can turn over just because of 'that person'! Oh God! i'm trying to forget everything bout 'that person' but i just can't help my mind to think bout 'that person' over and over and over again. Pathetic! I really hate 'that person' who is very selfish and so snobbish! i wish that i'll not see him again and if i've doraemon rite now, i'll ask the doraemon for mesin masa to undo everything. everything bout 'that person'. i don't want to know even to meet up with this person!!

i still remember the original story of The Little Mermaid..
the sad tale of The Little Mermaid (now end on happier note)..

The Little Mermaid who willing to bear all the witch's condition just because her love to the prince..
"if you don't win the love of the prince and be married to him, on the morning after he marries another, u'll become foam on the waves" that's the condition and the little mermaid said that she will do it.
Her wish granted. She so closed with the prince but the prince only loved her as he would love a child! The prince would be marrying a beatiful princess from neigbouring kingdom. The heart broken little mermaid tried to be happy. she laughed and danced on the wedding celebration as she know this would be her last evening with the prince.
Then, she jumped into the water and dissolve into foam.

a poor little mermaid....

i don't know why I summarized the story and then published it in this post. what's the relation between this story and my feeling rite now? i don't have the answer. i just symphatized with the little mermaid. is it wrong to love someone? is it wrong to love someone though u know he don't love u? is it wrong?? i still remember Dr. fadzillah Kamsah's advice, "kalau da suka seseorang tu bagitahu jer. kalau dia xsuka, cakap kat dia yg kita ni masih boleh b'kawan kn. no heart feeling da lps tu.."
boleh ke mcm tu? blh only for an open-minded person but generally Malay man is't that type.
why this happened? because he think that he's the macho one? or maybe he think that he's the best man in the world or he think that the girl just want his wealth, just love his money? or maybe he think that the girl is mad for chasing him. afraid maybe. Hey!! women still have pride! if u don't want the girl, just explain to her. it's better than u promise something but u never fulfill it! i remember (remember again) one of my roommates when i was doing my prac training. she really admire one of our staff (maybe untill now). She did everything to win his heart but as i guess earlier, he already have the special one. all this i knew from his friend. kalau nk tnggu dia ckp, smpai sekarang kami xtahu. yg paling bengang sgt, dia xbterus terang pn dgn kwn aku tu yg dia anggap kwn aku 2 sbg pe. pastu promise that he will call my friend but until now he didn't call my friend. At least, please say thank you to my friend for the biscuit and chocolate that she gave you. Is it hard to say thank you? susah sgt ke nk hargai pemberian org? susah sgt ke nk ckp terima kasih? kalau x suka pn, berbudi bahasa lah sikit. Stupid man!! stupid men!!

i just want to say that all of us have right to love someone..
and all of us have the right to accept it or not..
and all of us can't stop someone to love us because they have right to do it so..
don't be stupid!


anaklaut said...

salam....miss fitrah,

puisi saya yang biasa-biasa saja..

apapun tq sudi singgah dan sudi meninggalkan jejak dalam anaklaut blog..

FdausAmad said...

lu macam terer inglish je...mesti blaja obersea

zaira fitrah said...

salam anak laut.. trima kasih jugak sudi singgah.. hehe..

sy xterer english, xblajar kat oversea pn.. sajer jer ni nk bt latihan essay english.. hehe..

Anonymous said...

waa...ade org puji awk terer English....hehe...congratetulation!!!bravo!!bravo!!