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Friday, February 25, 2011

Muscles of The Soul

muscles of the soul (inner resources):

  1. Compassion: to love without reciprocation, to care for someone or something without recognition or reward constitute the hallmarks of compassion.
  2. Courage: "big heart" or brave heart
  3. Creativity: 2 parts imagination, 1 part inspiration and 1 part perspiration
  4. Curiosity: inquiring mind that makes life's journey more interesting
  5. Faith: 1 part optimism, 1 part love and 2 part mystery
  6. Forgiveness
  7. Humbleness: the ego begs to go first.
  8. Humor
  9. Integrity: honesty over time
  10. Intuition: useful in sensing good from bad, right from wrong and up from down. inherent knowing about something before the ego jumps into confuse things
  11. Optimism: inherent quality of being positive. optimist is someone who looks at a pessimist and sees hope.
  12. Patience: ability to wait and wait and wait until some sign acknowledge that it's time to move on. patience quells an angry heart.
  13. Persistence: someone who doesn't take "no" for an answer until has exhausted every conceivable option. flowing water that ever so slowly softens the hardest rock.
  14. Resiliency: ability to bounce back, bouncing back from horrendous adversity
  15. Uncoditional love: to extend love and compassion from your heart without conditions or expectation

(Brian Luke Seaward, 2006)

Essetials of Managing Stress. Jones and Bartlett Publishers.

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