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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

quotes as a spiritual food...

what can i say about myself? (nothing special...) Because there's 'nothing special' about me. ok. stop talking about 'me'.. Alright dear, why i created this blog? this question suddenly knock my head... ouchh.. seriously, i don't have the answer. oho.. wait a second, I think, i created this blog to share something with u out there.. something yang berguna.. (i hope so..)
So, for the beginning.. today lesson.. (the poyo me)
this cat really cute ha.. :P

* hurm.. i like quotes and i find inspiritional quotes to be one of the best sources of spiritual food, which for me is an essential component of a holistic life style. i have the collection of the quotes, in malay and english version and i would like to share with you out there..
  • org2 yg plg bahagia tidak selalu memiliki hal2 yg terbaik, mereka hanya berusaha menjadikan yang terbaik dari setiap hal yang hadir dalam hidupnya..
  • selemah-lemah manusia ialah orang yang tidak boleh mencari sahabat dan orang yang lemah dari itu ialah orang yang mensia-siakan sahabat yang dicari. ~ Saidina Ali.
  • semulia-mulia manusia ialah siapa yang mempunyai adab, merendahkan diri bila berkedudukan tinggi, memaafkan ketika berdaya membalas dan bersikap adil ketika kuat. ~ Khalifah Abdul Malik bin Marwan.
  • Those who show patience when they cannot obtain something, contentment when they achieve it, and fortitude when they lose it are those who have heedfulness. ~ Imam Ghazzali
  • Those who love prefer to please those whom they love instead of pleasing others. ~ Imam Ghazzali
  • "Some minds remain open long enough for the truth not only to enter but to pass on through by way of a ready exit without pausing anywhere along the route."~Elizabeth Kenny
  • "The important thing is that when you come to understand something you act on it, no matter how small that act is. Eventually it will take you where you need to go." ~Helen Prejean
  • The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease". ~Thomas Edison.
ok.. enough for today.. my fingers need rest.. hahaha.. c u.. daa....

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